Relationship Transformations 

In an ever changing world

of technology and what people value,

ONE THING doesn't change. 

The Value of Relationships

and the Human Need for Personal Growth.

Insightful - Reliable - Communication Techniques

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Celebrity Couples Rock!!

I'm sure they have to work harder than most to keep it together.

Chrissy & John

Chrissy & John were married in 2013.  "Celebrity couples may be more high-profile than most, but when it comes to making their love last, they're build on the foundations that make any union strong:  trust, communication, humor, patience and unconditional love." (photo by Karwai Tank/Getty images....Article from "Parade")

George & Amal

"The human rights lawyer and actor have been married since 2014 and in 2017, they welcomed twins Ella and Alexander. “I knew when I met her that she was super extraordinary. I wondered if I would ever get a chance to date her,” George Clooney once said about Alma Clooney“.  We were friends for a while and luckily she said yes.”  (Photo Getty Images/Article from Parade)"

Will & Jada

Married in 1997, now a family of 5.  What can we say about Will & Jada?  Talented, Hardworking, people that overcome the ups and downs of marriage lived out in the public eye and continue to thrive, because they decided, that's what they'll do. Can you imagine, everyone's nose in your personal business?   (photo from

Easy ways you can find more joy at your next Family get together!

Marriage & Relationships

Ignite new energy, 

connection, joy & respect and learn the

Secret of Marriages that THRIVE for Life.


Marriage is a journey of ups and downs, not always seeing eye to eye but learning to appreciate and value one another. It's remembering why you got together in the first place and working to meet in the middle daily.

  • What makes an Awesome Spouse?
  • Identify What's grows your Marital Mojo & Unity
  • What brings connection or disconnect?
  • Would you like to turn up the dial on love, joy & respect?
  • How about ways to Ignite your communication super powers?
  • Stop sweating the small stuff
  • Change adversity into admiration 
  • Find out what Happy Couples already know

What's the Cost of Not

paying attention to your Relationship?

Why do so many marriages fail?

Lack of Communication & willingness to work together

 ***Some top causes - Emotions - Stress - Time - Disrespect - Discontentment   

#1 - We all bring our past experiences into the present.  What does that mean to you?

#2 - Are you able to peacefully discuss your differences?

#3 - Do you or your spouse always have to be right?

#4 - Do you treat one another with the same manners you use with others?

#5 - Would you like to raise your level of compatibility?

#6 - Could your personality styles be opposite causing you to rarely see eye to eye?

#7 - Are you absolute opposites on such things as money, traditions, needs, parenting and decision making?  WHY?

#8 - If you believe in personal growth and are willing to invest in your most important asset, your marriage and home life, you are in the right place.

Where do you see yourself?

"Each of us has the freedom to choose how we will respond to the circumstances in which we find ourselves." ~Nido Qubein

Your Marriage May Be:

Very loving and you work as a team.  You even do monthly date nights.....


Even though you're thoughtful and encouraging to one another, you could still be putting your parents 1st, dragging around your college breakup or you could be opposites.  You know like, one super neat and the other quite messy.  One likes a quiet house and the other enjoys a lively home.

Your Marriage May Be:

Rolling along fine, you're making a great living and you both do your part when it comes to making the money, writing the bills, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, yardwork and taking care of the kids.  It's a 24/7 job.


Somethings missing and you find you just don't see eye to eye on way too many things.

Your Marriage may Be:

Hopping along day by day.  You both have busy careers with household and family chores.  Your living in the same house .....


Too many days you feel disrespected and resentful.  You nor your spouse are interested in what the other has to say and there's way too much conflict and frustration.   

Communication Secrets for Couples

"I loved learning about all of the different personality types, even my husband (who honestly didn't want to do the class) LOVED it once it started!  We still yell out our personality types when they really start to show themselves! "

Nikki Duncan
My Secretary

Communication Secrets for Couples

"I did the DISC program several years ago and it helps doing it again, as years have changed the circumstances in life i.e. retirement, work, empty nest, adult children now married, etc."

Kelly Baker
KBO Credit Card Processing

Rekindle the Romance

"First, I’m loving your romance challenge this week. I’m all caught up in the videos. They are great!"

Warm regards, Elissa


Empowering Married Couples,

Guiding you to live your Best Life!


Hi I'm Connie,

Now I've been married for over 35 years and have grown kids with kids, and that means I've seen many ups and downs in life.

There are a lot of different factors that go into a successful loving marriage & it's my passion to share that with you. 

17 years ago while working in a Leadership position, I studied and received certification in the different ways people communicate.

 Since then I've helped couples get past the things that divide them and I've helped them understand exactly why it is they speak, think and react differently from on another.

I love God, Family & people and believe there's some good in everyone and that you can not demonstrate anything in life that you've not seen Modeled for you.  Simply said, you can only be what you've been taught to be.

There's always room for improvement in every area of live.  If you believe that, you are in the right place.

Personally, I love to spend time with family & friends, enjoy music, dance, creative projects, the outdoors, travel and adventure. 

I like to say . . . . . 

Happy Marriages = Happier Kids

That's because, when we live in a peaceful, well functioning home, we grow up to be loving, thoughtful, intuitive adults.

My goal is to Inspire New Life & Energy Into your Relationship through Insightful, Reliable, Communication Techniques.

The Relationship Transformer,

Connie Durham


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Begin your Happily Ever After

Sometimes we need a little guidance in building successful relationships

Family is the core of our society.  Traditionally married couples form a partnership where the man supports the family and the wife cooks, cleans, shops and does the laundry.  But these days both people usually work and split up the household chores.

People come from many cultures, traditions, beliefs along with personalities and experiences.  Once you're married these differences begin to surface.  If you both openly share and spend time working through the kinks, you'll more than likely do fine.  But to often the business of life and the fact that so many people don't know how to communicate and share like needed, problems begin to surface.  Then Come the children.

Now, this is the traditional family. Now society has change and many children come along before couples get married.  Other couples don't get married or bring a couple children each into the marriage, from their previous marriage.  

Can you see how life get's complicated?  I'm here to build awareness and guide you in ways  that you can identify the challenges and develop your plan to take your Relationship to "Happily Ever After".

Connie Durham


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