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5 Ways to Create more Energy in your marriage

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Happy Marriages = Happier Kids

Time to increase your communication and understanding with your spouse for

more peace, connection, and support

You start out LOVING everything about each other but sooner or later you start getting on each others NERVES.
I'll help you resolve those differences.


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#1 Make sure your spouse knows that they are number one.  (sometimes the kids wiggle into this spot)

#2 Lift and Support one another by truly listening, encouraging, and affirming.

#3 Turn up the communication by talking about your day, ideas for your future, and yes.....even feelings.

#4 This is a BIG one, don't sweat the little things (and do know the difference) and forgive. how much did that REALLY matter?

#5 Build trust by keeping your word and lean on each other in the things that you're each GOOD at.

Be the person you want them to be.  Be kind, thoughtful and helpful.  It's important that you LIKE your SPOUSE and that YOU be likable too!

Show Your Spouse You Care

#1  Give full attention to the person talking
#2  Establish your special way of serving 
#3  Be sure you know one another's LOVE Languages and use them
#4  Put down your devices when you're having time together
#5  Use the ancient word, Thank You often

For those with REAL Marriage Troubles!

YOU may be doing everything right,

but there's still Trouble


I've seen this happen first hand. 

There may have been red flags while you were dating, but once you got married, the real deal was staring you in the face and it was scary.


Hurting people hurt others. 

If your spouse grew up in a family with abusive behavior like alcohol, drugs, physical or mental abuse, and yes divorced parents, they may have some issues.  Time may mend, but seeking help speeds up the process.  (If there's physical abuse seek help.)

#1 - Know it's not your fault

#2 - Seek help (My choice would be the Christian Church)

#3 - No one can exhibit behavior they've never seen before.

You know that ole saying that you are like the 5 people you hang around the most.  Well, take a look for yourself, then your spouse.

How was your childhood molded?  What kind of values were instilled in you by your parents?  We can only imitate what we've seen.  So again I say "You can only exhibit the behavior you have witnessed in your life."  This is big.


You can't change the past

but you can create a better future

 I believe there are three things that color how we see the world and make decisions.

#1 Our belief in God as the creator - God's word (Holy Bible) is the guide that heals and keeps us out of troubling situations.  (If you're atheist or believe the universe created it's self....don't leave me, I'm not going to preach to you)

#2 All of our PAST experiences from childhood, choices as a teenager and young adult, along with the adults in our lives, made us who we are today. As humans we need to be heard, understood, and appreciated. 

#3  According to your Personality style (behavior style) you have different needs, emotions, abilities,  and preferences in life.  This is a great place to start, and where I can help by helping you identify the personality style of you and your spouse.  (These are hard facts everyone can work with)

  • Often opposites attract and then crush each other
  • We assume we want the same things, but don't
  • You can begin to resolve conflict as you understand your differences and learn how to relate better to one another
  • HERES a Great Place to Start - Marriage Synergy 101

Are you ready to Transform your Marriage?


the frustration,


and energy drainers,

so that you can 

feel the

Love again



When you work with me,

you'll follow the Triple R Method

Recognize, Resolve, & Reset 





#1 - You will recognize & identify the key marital challenges you and your partner are facing


#2 -  Learn new ways you can Resolve the Conflict and melt away your differences


#3 - You'll use communication and connection secrets most do not know,

and begin to reset your life together.



Ultimately we are all.......

 Looking to be heard, understood, and appreciated by our spouse, but sometimes there are factors that are out of our control. Things we just don't understand.

This is when we....

Need to seek help in unveiling what the root cause is.  Our past experiences in life begin to predict our future.

Resulting in.....

Avoidable wrong choices and disappointment, failed marriages, divided families, and a lifetime of wrong choices and disappointment.



But it doesn't have to be that way!

You can change your circumstances.  Discover why you and your spouse are not getting along and how to turn it around now.


Top Causes


Marital Discord 


*Different goals, morals & values


*Clashing Personalities 


*Hot Tempers that divide      


*Stress taking it's toll 


*Feeling Disrespected




*You're both too busy


*Not taking time to Listen


Over time all of these things run together resulting in division, discontentment, and 60% of the time, divorce.

It doesn't have to be that way!


Here's what people are saying about

The "Communication Secrets for Spouses" 10 week masterplan

My husband didn't want to do the class with me and then LOVED it

"I loved learning about all of the different personality types, even my husband (who honestly didn't want to do the class) LOVED it once it started!  We still yell out our personality types when they really start to show themselves! "

Nikki Duncan
Owner - My Secretary


We use it everyday! 

 In how we communicate with each and how we parent.  Knowing our differences helps us to be better communicators.  I’ve learned that my husband just needs me to be direct and say what I’m thinking or feeling vs keeping it bottled up and then exploding.  We try to take those differences and use them to balance us out.

Amee Davison - Realtor 

I though the program was very informative

"Kelly said, I did the DISC program several years ago and it helps doing it again, as years have changed the circumstances in life i.e. retirement, work, empty nest, adult children now married, etc.  It's wonderful to have different types of people in this world and know how to relate based on their personality."

Kelly Baker
KBO Credit Card Processing



Ignite new energy,


joy &



as you learn the

Secrets of Marriages

that help you 

THRIVE for Life.



* Would you like to understand your spouse so that you

can enjoy each other more, day in and day out?



* What if you could stop sweating the small stuff

& begin to dream

and talk about your future again?



*Do you want to know

how to read your partners non verbal cues and

crack the communication code?



* Are you ready to turn up the dial on love, joy, & respect,

as you find out how

to become the happy couple,

you've always known you could be?



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You Deserve


Happy Marriage for LIFE!!

Hi I'm Connie,

I've been married for over 35 years and have grown kids with kids, and that means I've seen many ups and downs in life.  I've been there, done that!


Marriage starts out great but soon the stress of money, kids and the day to day grind turns into managing, reacting and dealing with frustration.  Soon you loose sight of what you wanted your life to look like and begin to accept what you get.

 I help you resolve those differences and get past the things that divide you, bringing back the original love and connection you once had.  


I Love and Respect God, Family & all People, and believe there's some good in everyone but,.... If a healthy marriage was never modeled for you, or how to overcome disagreements and differences,  then it's no wonder that it's been a challenge for you and your partner.


I'm here to help you learn exactly what to do, so that you can have the happy marriage you want.


If you have children,

healing your marriage

can be even more important.

When we live in a peaceful

loving home, we grow up to be

loving, thoughtful, intuitive adults.


Home is where your Heart is.

It should be a safe place and your favorite place for both you, your spouse and your kids.


I hope you'll hang out with meBegin with my "25 Secrets to Boost your Marital Mojo" and I'll talk to you soon.



The Relationship Transformer,

Connie Durham


PS . . . . . As I like to say . . . . . 

Happier Marriages = Happier Kids


Connie's Blog Posts

Watch the latest blog now and find support, encouragement, and just maybe a light bulb moment that will begin a Transformation in your Marriage. John Maxwell says "Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional."

Bring back the laughter, appreciation, and that sense of adventure that makes life worth living.


A strong family bond is the foundation of a healthy society. 

Our children depend on it.


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