Humdrum Marriages

Igniting new Energy, Connection, Joy and Respect,

helping You

Thrive for Life.


  • I Know you, like me, want to experience a tightly knit, supportive, enjoyable marriage for Life!  
  • What happens to that initial attraction?
  • Why does it often dwindle? 
  • Who has control on that?

Well, I would say you do.  Whither your marriage starts out beautiful or troublesome, it'll take some personal awareness and the ability to be experience your best life.  Are you willing?  

First, begin to understand yourself.

My goal is to Inspire New Life & Energy

Into your Relationship through Insightful, Reliable, Communication Techniques.

Your Relationship Transformer,

Connie Durham


Connie's Clever Concepts FB Page 25 Things to grow your Relationship

Relationship Transformations 

In an ever changing world

of technology and what people value,

ONE THING doesn't change. 

The Value of Relationships

and the Human Need for Personal Growth.

Insightful - Reliable - Communication Techniques for Couples

Troubles people have sited in their Marriage

What People are Saying

"Taking one another for Granted"

"Unrealistic Expectations create Resentment"

"Insecurity creates Over Control" 

"Hot Tempers"

"Expressing desire in a productive way"

"Too Direct - Speaks their Mind"




Complaints for Opposites

"Accepting one another's differences"

"Assuming your partner Communicates the same as you"

"Don't Listen or Give Space"

"Growth minded vs Satisfied" 

"Personal Habits"

"Differences in Spending Money"



Extended Family Complaints

"Letting our separate Grown children interfere in our new relationships"

"Navigating conflicting loyalties (Partner vs Extended Family)

"Treating each other from "Parents Old Patterns"

"Agreeing on how to Raise the Kids"

"Turning into Co-Parents after your children come along & forgetting about your Relationship."

What are Communication Styles?

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Courageous Women's Success Summit 25 things that feed a Great RELATIONSHIP 3 ways to Understand & Connect with your spouse 20 Ways to UNITE your Family Hardwired Personalities BLOOM - Foster Care Support


 Kids or No Kids...

Great Relationship or Challenged Relationship,    THIS is for YOU!

  • As a Certified Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I bring 40 years of marriage, 3 grown kids & 21 years leadership to the table.
  • 40 to 60% of First & Second Marriages Fail
  • Top Reason is Failing to Communicate
  • You may have different needs than your spouse
  • You bring different Values & Beliefs
  • Your TOP Emotion Colors how you React & Respond
  • Learn to Embrace your differences




See More about TOP Emotions

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DISC Behavior Styles are also called Communication Styles

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Everyone wants to Loved, and you are.

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