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Many couples and families have different backgrounds, personality styles, beliefs and values.  This often brings a lot of conflict!  You literally see things differently and have trouble understanding the side of the other person.  Knowledge is power to do better.

The "Hardwired Behavior Blueprint" is a Personalized Assessment that tells you all about YOUR strengths, talents, blind spots, and how you can get along better with others.  It's Included in several of my courses.

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Love & Family Dynamics for Couples

Happier Couples = Happier Kids Now you can Invest Time & Understanding into your Relationship, creating a more Empowered bond of understanding and strength, right at home. Good or Bad, the ability to get along with people often determines your success in Life.  Couples that understand their differences and needs have long Happy Marriages.  Parents who can understand that Teenager or Child who's absolutely their opposite, can raise a mentally healthy kid. Think of all the places we put our money.  Relationships are an Investment that will GIVE for years to come.  Priceless. Each Personal assessment is a 225 Value and includes what Motivates you plus your behavior styles.  That's a $450 value in the two assessments.  You will be amazed at your increased awareness, confidence & the ability to understand and communicate better with your spouse but others too!  Webinar it's self is worth over $500 for two.  That's a $950 value all in this online course. Take notes and revisit.  This Course will not only change how you view each other but offers you  better communication skills with your spouse, kids, family, friends and co-workers. Finish the course, ponder the facts and I promise it can change your life & your view of People   This Class Includes TWO 40 page Personal Communication Styles Assessments, with your Personality Style & What Motivates you in Life, 20 Video & Digital Recordings + Follow along sheets & Guides.  There is a BONUS E-Book with Facts about the 4 Styles. Learn what energizes, stresses, and ultimately how you can work together as a team.  If you have kids, remember that much more is caught than taught.  Find your best self. We are all different & that's OK!  Hope this helps and remember there's a lot of DISC behavior styles on my web site located in video blogs, Complimentary.   No Risk 7 Day Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Here's what you'll learn. * Characteristics of each Behavior Style * Identify people by their PACE & Body Language * Embrace your Strengths & Build Confidence * Learn to work as a team * Learn how your top Emotion determines your Reactions * See how being Relationships or Task Oriented effects your Life * What Motivates You, Irritates You, Holds you back, Moves you Forward Go through the Recordings Together or Separately but be determined to set aside TIME to discuss & Finish the Course.  (Set 4 date nights & do it together) Who else do you know that could have a better more empowered relationship with this course?  I love how this empowers you to Live your Best Life! Blessings!  Connie Durham  

497.00 per Couple