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Are you ready to Transform your Marriage?



the frustration,


and energy drainers in your relationship 

so that you can 

feel in 

Love again


Recognize, Resolve, & Renew 




The solutions are found in better understanding



#1 - I offer HELP in Recognizing & Identifying Marital Challenges


#2 -  You will learn ways you can Resolve the Conflict and differences


#3 - Tap into Communication Secrets most do not know

and begin to RESET your future



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Ultimately we are all.......

 Looking to be heard, understood, and appreciated by our spouse, but sometimes there are factors that are out of our control. Things we just don't understand.

This is when we....

Have to seek help in unveiling what the root cause is. I've found that our past experiences in life and our hard wired personality style, often cause conflict and misunderstanding.

Resulting in.....

Multiple marriages, divided families, and a lifetime of wrong choices and disappointment.

Change your circumstances by understanding the WHY for you and your spouse and how to manage misunderstandings.


What's the Cost of Not paying attention to your Relationship?

Disappointment - Frustration - Resentment - Divorce

Top Causes of Marital Discord 




*Too Busy



*Past Experiences


*Not Listening

*Excepting defeat & not looking for solutions


Communication Secrets

"I loved learning about all of the different personality types, even my husband (who honestly didn't want to do the class) LOVED it once it started!  We still yell out our personality types when they really start to show themselves! "

Nikki Duncan
My Secretary


Communication Secrets

"I did the DISC program several years ago and it helps doing it again, as years have changed the circumstances in life i.e. retirement, work, empty nest, adult children now married, etc."

Kelly Baker
KBO Credit Card Processing


Rekindle the Romance

5 Day Challenge

"First, I’m loving your romance challenge this week. I’m all caught up in the videos. They are great!"

Warm regards, Elissa


Marriage & Relationships

Decide today to explore and find out more

Ignite new energy,


joy &



as you learn the

Secrets of Marriages


THRIVE for Life.


* How would you like to understand your spouse so that you

can enjoy each other more, day in and day out?


* What if you could stop sweating the small stuff & begin to dream

and talk about your future again?


* Begin to keep yourself out of trouble by reading your partner's

nonverbal cues & crack the communication code.


* You can turn up the dial on love, joy & respect as you find out

what Happy Couples already know.   


How can you find help?

Begin here.

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You Deserve


Happy Marriage for LIFE!!

Hi I'm Connie,

Now I've been married for over 35 years and have grown kids with kids, and that means I've seen many ups and downs in life.  I've been there, done that!


Marriage starts out great but soon the stress of money, kids and the day to day grind turns into managing, reacting and dealing with frustration.  Soon you loose sight of what you wanted your life to look like and begin to accept what you get.

 I help you resolve those differences and get past the things that divide you.  Understanding why you're having misunderstandings, will help you resolve them, bringing back the original love and connection you once had.  


I love God, Family & people and believe there's some good in everyone, but you can not demonstrate anything in life that you've not seen Modeled before you.  Simply said, you can only be what you've been taught to be.

There's always room for improvement in every area of life, & if you believe that, you are in the right place.


I like to say . . . . . 

Happier Marriages = Happier Kids

That's because, when we live in a peaceful, well functioning home, we grow up to be loving, thoughtful, intuitive adults.  Home is where the Heart is.  It should be your safe place & your favorite place.

I hope you'll hang out with me.  Begin with my FREE Page and keep watch for more opportunities to learn and understand how to resolve miscommunication and conflict.


The Relationship Transformer,

Connie Durham


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Where do you see your relationship?

"Each of us has the freedom to choose how we will respond to the circumstances in which we find ourselves." ~Nido Qubein

Your Marriage May Be:

Very loving and you work as a team.  You even do monthly date nights.....


Even though you're thoughtful and encouraging to one another, you could still be putting your parents 1st, dragging around your college breakup or you could be opposites.  You know like, one super neat and the other quite messy.  One likes a quiet house and the other enjoys a lively home.

Your Marriage May Be:

Rolling along fine, you're making a great living and you both do your part when it comes to making the money, writing the bills, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, yardwork and taking care of the kids.  It's a 24/7 job.


Somethings missing and too often your feel a lack of connection and unity.

Your Marriage may Be:

Hopping along day by day.  You both have busy careers with household and family chores.  Your living in the same house .....


Too many days you feel disrespected and resentful.  You nor your spouse are interested in what the other has to say and there's way too much conflict and frustration.   

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