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Kimberly Crowe

California - Business Strategy 


Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel

 Get on Virtual Stages and Rock Your Revenue

Joint Venture Master Connector


Melissa Burke

Georgia - Business Strategy 


Mary Kay Cosmetics
Tips & Tricks to Look your Professional Best


Beauty Consultant

Alina Vincent

Nevada - Business Strategies 


Business Success Edge

How To Leverage Your Knowledge and Expertise

to Create a Profitable Online Business

Business Strategist

Brenda Kolasa 

Canada - Business Strategy 

Creative Thinking Solutions & Coaching

3 Keys to Getting Unstuck,
creating clarity and achieving more fulfillment in your Business

Success Coach & Overwhelm Buster    

Jill Lublin

California - Business Strategy 

Promising Promotion
Guerrilla Publicity 
Get Known Everywhere
4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Petra Contrada 

Germany - Motivational

Thrive and Win Success Academy 
Blow your Success and
Abundance Blocks Away for Good
Vibrational Success Mentor for Leaders

Marnie Swedberg

Florida - Business Strategies 

Gifts of Encouragement, Inc.

Idea Gold: Idea Maximizing Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurs


Debbi Sluys

Canada - Motivational & BIZ

Dare to Declare 

Create a powerful decision
Vision board


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Moshe Gotfryd

Canada - Business Strategy 

integration mastery

Clubhouse 101

Automation Specialist

Virginia Parsons

Nevada - Business Strategies

Media Spotlight Marketing

Top Video Strategies to Convert Viewers into Buyers

Wendy Maguire

Georgia - Motivational

Second Wind Podcast

My Story - Your Story


Stacey Golden-Lisnock

California - Life

Got It Together Now

Legacy Matters
 Financial Advocate


Ann Ljungberg

Sweden/USA - Business Strategy 


Expert Coalition Inc.

Daring to

Scale and SAIL

CEO (she works from her boat)

Dina Dennis

Georgia - Motivational


Cruise Land & Sea / Cruise Planners

Let's Travel

Travel Concierge

Nicole Simmons

Georgia - Motivational


Nicole Simmons Leadership


your Best Self


Connie Durham

Georgia - Motivational

Connie's Clever Concepts

Creating Marital MOJO

The Relationship Transformer


Cymber Lily Quinn

Denver - Motivational

The Purpose Café Coaching & Podcast

3 Steps to Finding and Reclaiming Your Purpose
The Harp Lady & Life Purpose Coach

Kelly Hutcheson

Florida - Motivational



Life Coach (Parenting)


Gini Trask

USA - Business Strategy 

Top Tier Travel


Rising to the

Top 10% of your Niche

Innovation Expert

Joel Cheek

Georgia - Motivational


Earl's Quality CAR Care

Car Facts for




Great Value

Listen in the CAR - Getting Dressed - Cooking or  Walking

Online Business Strategies, Encouragement, Relationships, Parenting


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Hosted by Connie Durham

CEO of Connie's Clever Concepts


Empowerment for Home & Work

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business woman,
wife or mom,

you'll find speakers & topics during this FREE  3 day event that

Enlighten, Encourage & Inspire you.

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This was a 3 day event.

You can still get the VIP Package for $67

  • Business Strategies to Thrive by
  • Ways to seen Online
  • Social Media & (NEW) Clubhouse
  • Create Vison, Goals & take Action
  • Encouragement for Home & Work
  • Learn about- travel - beauty - cars
  • Parenting & Relationships

Hi My name's Connie Durham and it's my pleasure to share the expertise of speakers from Georgia to California, Germany, Sweden & Canada.

I believe in collaboration and that Together Everyone Achieves More.  Thank you for joining us.

Connie's Clever Concepts

Helping Couples reverse those relationship stressors and reclaim their Marital MOJO.

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