Build a healthier marriage by increasing your communication skills

I've gone from expressive dancer, singer, and mom, 

to passionate defender of

Marriage and Family


 When I got married over 30 years ago, I didn't know what a jewel my husband was. I had just turned 21 and I saw the world as a beautiful place. 

I had no idea that  so many marriages are troubled and the family we grow up in, often predicts how we see the future.

My husband and I had both come from loving, well functioning Christian families where "treating others the way you want to be treated" was practiced daily. 

That doesn't mean there were never problems, it just means we took the high road.

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In the beginning, life was pretty easy

My husband was easy going, supportive and since he was non-confrontational, so was I.  We raised our 3 kids in the same way we were raised, rewarding good behavior, and in turn, we got more of what we gave attention to.

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Fast Forward

All three of our kids got married in 18 months and life began to change. 


We began to understand that all families are not alike and that we each bring different life experiences, traditions, and personality styles into the relationship.


As I dealt with these life challenges, I began to use my own life experiences along with the behavior and communication method that I had learned years ago. 


It made a BIG difference.

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Every Life experience

contributes to who we are today

 As a kid music, dance and adventure were at the top of my list and my first job was as a ballet teacher. Then in the mist of that and raising my kids, I joined Mary Kay Cosmetics where I won 7 Diamond rings, drove several free cars, and served as a Sales Director for 21 years, helping others begin their own businesses.  Mary Kay and their "Go Give" mentality and continuing education took me to places I never imagined. 

This is where I first learned of that Personality predicts how we view the world and people around us.  I was so intrigued, that I became certified in this method.

Fast forward,  I joined the "John Maxwell" team of speakers and trainers and decided to use this method often used in big businesses to build collaborative work teams, to help families learn how to get along better


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Here's our family today

We have a blended family with 14 grand kids. 

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Here's how personality makes a difference in your marriage

Each person deals with stress, fear, and anxiety differently. 

To often we release our frustrations, on those we love the most.  

  • Some worry quietly and inwardly
  • Some ignore their feelings 
  • Some Explode outwardly all over everyone in their path
  • Some totally withdraw

No matter how we deal with it, it effects our health, outlook, and those around us.

Wouldn't you like to know more on...

How to get along better with your Spouse?


A better marriage begins with making today your Best Day and understanding how to  Communicate with your spouse.  Identify what brings you together and what separates you.

Use a PAUSE button when things get heated and know that whatever the norm in your household will be passed on to your kids and their families too.

So.....whether you are here as a high achiever who always wants the best for your family or you're looking for  HELP, you are in the right place.

I like to say Happy Couples = Happier Kids

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Engaged.... Newly Married.....

or Married 30 years  

Learn how your Past colors your future and how understanding the personalities of yourself and your spouse, will free you up to be yourselves, find the best in one another, and know that you did all you could do, to Live your Best and give your Best to your kids.  

Everyone needs my premier course, that happens once a month, "Communication Secrets for Spouses".  

If you're divorced, learn these concepts in order to make a better choice next time.  If you're engaged, go in with your eyes wide open, often opposites attract.  And if you've been married for years, you will have many aha moments and finish with a New understanding, creating more power in your marriage.

"The Best things in Life are the People we Love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way."

The Relationship Transformer, Connie Durham


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