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My Passion

Building Strong Families

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This is for YOU when you are Dating, Engaged or Married.  

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Finding Solutions

Happy Couples = Happier Kids

Families are the Foundation for a Healthy Society.

Connie Durham

Connie is a Certified Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and Authorized Provider of TTI Success Insights Assessments.

If you're looking for the roadmap for a Successful Thriving Marriage, you are in the right place.

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Connie loves people and loves to see them succeed!  Can you think of anything that impacts you more than your home life and your spouse?  For many couples, just a few adjustments and taking the time to stop and think, communicate and use compassion does the trick.

The truth is what starts as a beautiful thing for most couples, often becomes an energy drainer.  Personality differences, life experiences and expectations begin to affect you and there's trouble ahead.


"I help Transform  marriages Igniting new energy, connection, joy & respect, helping you THRIVE for Life."


  • 40 to 60% of Marriages Fail & Communication is one of the TOP culprits. 
  • To often we bring our Baggage from the Past forward
  • There are personality conflicts 
  • With awareness & direction you can take positive Action


  • Connie's been happily married for over 40 years and uses her 21 years of leadership experience, where she won 7 Diamond rings, 2 company cars and 100’s of prizes including private parties at Universal California and the Atlanta Aquarium, to help others succeed.


  • After her 3 grown kids all got married within 18 months, she realized that all families are not the same.  Every person entering a relationship brings different experiences, beliefs, traditions and temperaments.   


  • Connie began the study of why people Think, Feel & Behave the way they do in 2004.  She combines her 40 years of marriage, family, business experience & passion for people to Empower Couples with the skills for a happier marriages.


Connie Inspires & Ignites New Life & Energy in people through Proven & Tested Concepts.

Connie Durham CEO of Connie’s Clever Concepts. 


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and feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

25 Secrets to BOOST your Marital MOJO

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John Maxwell Speaker & Trainer

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