Using ZOOM? 6 Tips to Look your most Professional.

professional tips Mar 27, 2020

Many are using Zoom Online Conferencing and it can be a bit intimidating 

that first time you connect.  6 Easy tips to make you LOOK Better!!

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Soloist becomes the Conductor * What's your Leadership Style? Part 2

leadershift Mar 20, 2020


If your Leadership style has gone SOLO, it's not too late to become the conductor of your organization.  Learn to Collaborate and build energy in your group.

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WHAT can YOU do to SHIFT your Leadership? Join Me....Video 1

leadershift Mar 20, 2020

Let's begin to explore way you can shift your Leadership ONE step at a time.  

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Thinking for a Change #1 - How do you RATE?

thinking for a change Mar 19, 2020

In a world where we are lead to FOLLOW athletes, movie stars, social media......Only YOU can THINK for yourself.  Do you want to LEAD your Life & make it your vary own....or follow someone else's?

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The Power of WORDS

What you Read....Watch.....Who you hang around with will make a difference in your Attitude, what you believe about yourself and where you choose to go in life.  Where do YOUR WORDS take you?

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The NEEDS of each Personality Style

disc relationships Mar 05, 2020

When it comes to your relationships at home or at work, knowing what people NEED from you to be their BEST, will will elevate the Energy Level & create momentum & Growth Potential.

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Introduction to DISC Behavior Styles Blog #2

disc first blog 2018 Feb 26, 2020
  • DISC is about Communication Styles. 
  • If you will Pay Attention to the things in Life that Energize you
  • Those that Drain You
  • Give you Success
  • Help you relate to people
  • Result in Conflict
  • You will find DISC Communication Style VALUABLE! 

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