D personality & ways to grow

disc the d style Feb 26, 2020

The D personality style has a natural ability to LEAD & is task what about their fellow employees?

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Thursday Concept - Change your Thoughts...change your attitude

leadership skills Feb 26, 2020

You cannot change what happens to you but YOU CAN change your Attitude.  Your attitude good or bad effects your work, relationships and mental energy. 

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Recognizing peoples personality styles

disc Feb 26, 2020

If you will take the time to recognize and appreciate the different personality styles around you, life can be better. 

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Tips on Speaking in Public

speaking Feb 25, 2020

Even the most professional business person may hate to speak in public.  You can only truly focus on one thing at a see if you can find One, that will help you this week.  

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What DRIVES You?

disc Feb 25, 2020


What motivates you to strive and do your best?  How about your spouse, sweetheart.....or kids?  Knowing could make a difference.  Contact me for a Personal DISC assessment & strategy session. 

Assessments Available - Premium Professional / Premium / Basic

[email protected] 

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How does a Manager Connect with People?

maxwell leadershift Feb 13, 2020

Do you find yourself always telling people what to do and how to do it, or do you connect by asking questions and allowing them to be included in decision making?  Directing or Connecting makes the difference in your influence with others.

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Raising the BAR for your TEAM

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Continually Raising your own level of education & focusing on gratitude will help you lift & move your team forward.  You are the Leader.  

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Characteristics of DISC ** The C style

disc the c style Feb 07, 2020

This person will keep you organized in every way.  They are interested in the facts......and where you got them.

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Characters of DISC ** The S style

disc the s style Feb 07, 2020

These are the peace makers, servers, givers.

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Characteristics of DISC ** D style

disc the d style Feb 07, 2020


This style is easily recognized!  It might be YOU!  If you know more about People you will be able to adjust your own style and work better sided by side. 

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