Tactics for different communication styles.

disc Jun 09, 2020

Find out how to treat people the way THEY want to be treated.  Assuming the Golden Rule doesn't work for everyone. 

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DISC Top Talents & Places to Grow

disc Apr 16, 2020

What Talents do you bring to the table?  Build Confidence in your strong areas and learn where you can grow and do better in all your relationships.




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The NEEDS of each Personality Style

disc relationships Mar 05, 2020

When it comes to your relationships at home or at work, knowing what people NEED from you to be their BEST, will will elevate the Energy Level & create momentum & Growth Potential.

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Introduction to DISC Behavior Styles Blog #2

disc first blog 2018 Feb 26, 2020
  • DISC is about Communication Styles. 
  • If you will Pay Attention to the things in Life that Energize you
  • Those that Drain You
  • Give you Success
  • Help you relate to people
  • Result in Conflict
  • You will find DISC Communication Style VALUABLE! 

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FIRST Blog January 2018.

  • January 2018 brings opportunity to Improve Relationships thru DISC
  • Learn You Tube and Begin Recording
  • February 2018 began my .blog
  • March - I joined the John Maxwell Team
  • April 2018 began Connie's Clever Concepts became a Business
  • Journey in Speaking Skills, Marketing, Education, Networking 
  • August - Certified Speaker & Trainer
  • February 2020 .blog changes to .com
  • begins Online Coarse's mid 2020

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#1 Trait for each style - DISC

disc Feb 26, 2020

What drives a person is also their best value to the TEAM.

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DISC Body Language

disc Feb 26, 2020

Ever notice that some people are so animated and others Not!

That's not .blog

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