Build a healthier marriage by increasing your communication skills

Introduction to DISC Behavior Styles Blog #2

  • DISC is about Communication Styles. 
  • If you will Pay Attention to the things in Life that Energize you
  • Those that Drain You
  • Give you Success
  • Help you relate to people
  • Result in Conflict
  • You will find DISC Communication Style VALUABLE! 

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FIRST Blog January 2018.

  • January 2018 brings opportunity to Improve Relationships thru DISC
  • Learn You Tube and Begin Recording
  • February 2018 began my .blog
  • March - I joined the John Maxwell Team
  • April 2018 began Connie's Clever Concepts became a Business
  • Journey in Speaking Skills, Marketing, Education, Networking 
  • August - Certified Speaker & Trainer
  • February 2020 .blog changes to .com
  • begins Online Coarse's mid 2020

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