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The C Style (DISC)

The C style is the Researcher.  Gathering all the information and details to make the Best decision for the TEAM.

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The S Style (DISC)

Yes the S style person is Steady and keeps peace inside the TEAM.  This personality style is in my opinion the easiest to get along with and goes along with the crowd. 

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The I style (DISC)

The I style person sees fun in every situation.  They keep the TEAM moving toward new ideas, hope & a positive attitude.

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The D style (DISC)

The D personality style has a natural ability to LEAD & is task what about their fellow employees?

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Characteristics of DISC ** The C style

This person will keep you organized in every way.  They are interested in the facts......and where you got them.

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Characters of DISC ** The S style

These are the peace makers, servers, givers.

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Characteristics of DISC ** D style


This style is easily recognized!  It might be YOU!  If you know more about People you will be able to adjust your own style and work better sided by side. 

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Characteristics of DISC **The I style

This style loves people and Fun!  Has an easy going spirit and is optimistic.  

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