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Personality Styles dictate your Talent and Behavior style. Marriages can be strengthened using this and you can pinpoint the Career you'll be great at. A Personal Assessment is included in "LOVE & FAMILY DYNAMICS" & "CAREER Insights". You'll also find over 14 hours of personal & business education for Women in "Courageous Women's SUMMIT"

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A note from Connie about the SALE

Are you looking for a way to bring more love and warmth into your marriage?

"LOVE & Family Dynamics" is designed to help couples understand each other better, communicate with each other more effectively, and create the type of relationship they’ve always wanted. It will also help you see your SPOUSE & your children in a new light. You’ll learn how to be happier parents by understanding what makes their kids tick. And it all starts with understanding yourselves first!

You save $300 when you purchase this course today! Includes 2 personal online behavior assessments ($450 value) so that you can get started right away on creating the life you've always dreamed of having.

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Ladies are you ready to take your business and relationships to the next level?

You’re in for a treat! This year, Connie's Bright Friday SALE is offering an incredible deal on 20 powerful women & their Expertise in the "Courageous Women's Summit" plus "Frazzle Free your Relationships" with Connie, Marnie & Kelly, AND you get the "Ignite your Confidence Course" online . . . . . . . All 3 for a STEAL $49 (reg. value price $140)

14 hours of creating abundance in your life, this is for Speakers, Coaches, Wives & Mothers,  & anyone building a career with Vision for the future.  Pick & Choose, there's something for EVERY Woman!!  Besides the educational topics, there are over $2000 worth of bonus courses and workshops within the Summit & Frazzle Free event.

We know how busy women are these days so we want to make sure that everything is easy for you. That’s why when you purchase today, not only will it be delivered right into your inbox but it will also come with lifetime access so there are no limits on when or where you can watch them again and again. So what do you say?  Do you see how this small but Mighty investment can move you forward? Then click here now before time runs out!

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You’re looking for a


that makes you happy, right?

We all have unique talents and abilities. Yet, most people are working jobs that don’t allow them to use their natural strengths. Career Insights is an online assessment that will help you discover which career fits your unique talents & personality style. You'll find passion and purpose in your work or it will suck the life out of you.

This assessment takes less than 15 minutes and gives personalized results based on the information provided by each person who takes it. You will receive a full report with actionable steps for moving forward into the right career path for yourself! Normally $225, you get it for only $99 during the Bright Friday SALE.

 So act now before time runs out!

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"Recently, I attended the Courageous Women Success Summit that Connie Durham created and led. The speakers and material were first class and contained information that I began applying on day 1."

Marta Fewell
Local Shop Owner









Connie Durham

Known as the Relationship Transformer, Connie uses over 35 years of marriage & the study of communication and behavior styles to help couples find their "Happily Ever After".

Relationships Matter!  

No matter where you're relationship stands, fabulous or help please, you'll find something here that lifts and enhances.  I like to say, Happy Marriages = Happier Kids - Happy Thanksgiving !! 


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