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"Help!  I have a TEEN!

My gift to you! 

So often we expect out kids to be just like us, but the truth is that they usually are not. 

When they are JUST like us.....we may have conflict.  When they are opposite us, they have trouble pleasing us and we have trouble understanding them. 


You will find all 4 behavior styles below.  

Hope this will help bring peace and understanding .

Sample of Hardwired Blueprint with Career suggestions

#1 Learn about behavior styles

Begin to understand how your Hardwired Behavior Style colors everything you do. 

Learn about the Hardwired Behaviors

#2 The Direct Teen

This teen can be a great leader or become a rebel.  They do better when given choices. 


The Direct Teen

#3The Inspiring Teen

This teen could be called dreamy, creative or the life of the party.

#4 The Steady Teen

This teen might be the teachers pet and have many friends.

#5 The Conscientious Teen

This teen may tend be be quiet and choose only a few friends.  

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