Recognize - Resolve - Renew

Here's what A Couples Roadmap will do for you


This simple course helps you:

  • Identify what's most important to each of you and slow down the conflict
  • Clarify your goals and begin to agree on something
  • Identify what you think is . . .  your "Happily Ever After" and head towards it
  • Find what you have in common & put more focus on that
  • Gain new support & understanding for one another
  • Find new beginnings & enjoy a more balanced home life

You get the course to watch and share with your spouse.  Contains Videos, Audios and guides.

Let's get the party started

Find Your Happy

Everyone's different, it's OK.  Actually identify what you need in life to BE happy.  You may be surprised.

Dream Together

Consider your personal ambitions, personal style, and what you want out of life.

Find Common Ground

& Create your Roadmap for Life.

Score big on your time investment as you create a plan for your life.

Create a Win/Win in your marriage

Get the tools that will energize, refresh, reconnect,

and bring you more happiness today and everyday.

Begin Now

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  • Stop letting months and years pass you by and start Living Now
  • Figure out what you want in life and increase your love connection
  • Identify what makes you both happy and create a Win-Win



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Leader and great communicator.....

Connie is a leader and great communicator with a heart for people.
Her genuine desire to help others live their best life, comes through in the topics she shares
and the quality and depth of the materials. 


  It's hard to stay connected and on the same page as your partner.

Especially when it comes to life goals, traditions and family values.


You want to be able to build a life with your partner that is based on shared values and dreams, but you're not sure how to start the conversation or where to even begin.

A Couples Roadmap can help. This interactive guide will help you and your partner discover what is important to each of you, create a plan that you can both agree on, and learn how to keep the lines of communication open all along the way.

You start, and then share with your spouse as the course opens up new areas of conversation and thought.


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Connie Durham

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